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Article: Prickly Pear Tuna Lemonade


Prickly Pear Tuna Lemonade


Prickly pear tunas Lemons Agave Vodka (Optional)

1. Use a hand torch burn thorns off each tuna.
2. Cut the top end and bottom end of each tuna and a slice down the middle of tuna 1/4” or less with knife. Then peel skin off all the way around your tuna.
3. Add tunas to blender and blend till liquified.
4. Add tuna liquid and run through a colander mesh strainer over a bowl.
5. Next.. make your lemonade squeezing fresh lemon adding agave to you liking.
6. Add one part prickly pear tuna liquid and one part lemonade. Pour over ice ...add vodka (optional). Enjoy!

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