6 Reasons We all scream for Mesquite ice cream 🍨 🍦

August 12, 2021

6 Reasons We all scream for Mesquite ice cream 🍨 🍦

Do you really need an excuse to make homemade Mesquite Bean ice cream? Sure, it won’t keep you from getting burned by your car seat, but it will make you care less about getting scorched by the dog days of summer. Though we can give you plenty of reasons for why you should try making your very own delicious masterpiece, we whittled it down to 6:

1. Can you say YUM?! This is our personal favorite reason for making homemade Mesquite Bean ice cream --- it's all about the flavor. Homemade ice cream, without artificial ingredients, fake thickeners, or unnatural chemicals to keep it "fresh" for the months it sits neglected in some grocer’s freezer, is amazingly flavorful and actually fresh tasting. It's true. If you take the time to make Mesquite Bean homemade ice cream, you will taste the difference for yourself. Your ice cream will put even the highest quality brands to shame — try it! 

2. It's no sweat. Despite what you might think, making homemade Mesquite Bean ice cream is relatively easy. And it's a sustainable food that's indigenous to Texas! Yee-haw, you just helped the environment, supported a local business and you're going to love it -- it's easy being this good!
3. Cake & Pies get lonely. Mesquite Bean Homemade ice cream brings the à la mode party to any sweet treat. Why do people never say "cake à la mode"? Why is it "cake and ice cream" instead? These are questions for the ages, but when they arise, simply add some homemade ice cream to the mix and feel lots better.
4. People freak out about how good Mesquite Bean ice cream is. It has a mysteriously light and bright flavor that will keep your guests guessing at what your secret ingredient can be. And you know what that does? It makes you all the more intriguing, and that’s just COOL!
5. Leave them impressed! Anyone lucky enough to try your homemade Mesquite Bean ice cream will be left in awe by your culinary moxie. Get ready to be pat on the back and practice those high-fives ‘cause they will be followed by praises such as  “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted" and “You should have your own cooking show" and “Can I have seconds?"
6.  Children should know where ice cream comes from. And adults, too. We appreciate things more when we make it for ourselves. Plus, its a fun and cool  family "project for when its too hot to do anything else but eat sweet, frozen treats. Heck, we eat it year round down in Texas! Try our recipe below, then add in your own flair and send it to us. We love hearing from you!  This recipe was inspired by a recipe contributed by Lori Adkinson in the Eat Mesquite And More cookbook.


Victoria's Mesquite Ice Cream 

Beat egg yolks, Cappadona Ranch Mesquite Bean Jelly, flour and salt in a medium mixing bowl. Pour milk into saucepan and bring it to a simmer in medium heat. Keeping the mixer running at a low speed, carefully pour the hot milk into egg mixture. Return mixed ingredients to saucepan. Cook on low heat, stirring constantly until it thickens to a custard like consistency. NOTE: Do not bring it to a  boil or the eggs will scramble. After you let it cool slightly, add the heavy cream. Set it in the refrigerate for a couple of hours, then freeze in an ice cream machine according to manufacturer's instructions. Sprinkle sweet mesquite flour on top and serve. 

Makes about 5 cups.


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