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Article: The Relationship Between Mesquite Bean Flour and Type 2 Diabetes

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The Relationship Between Mesquite Bean Flour and Type 2 Diabetes

At Cappadona Ranch, we value providing our clients not only with delicious and nutritious products but also the scientific consensus on how these products may affect their health. 

For many years scientists and doctors have disagreed about how mesquite bean flour might impact diabetics, specifically those with Type 2 diabetes. Today, we will discuss different views on the relationship between this ancient superfood and Type 2 diabetes.

Please note: Always talk to your doctor before making any health-related decisions.

The History of Mesquite Bean Flour and Tribal Type 2 Diabetes

Mesquite beans have long been a staple of human nutrition. Indigenous peoples who lived in the American Southwest would grind the pods of the plant to make flour for everything from soups to cakes. They also enjoyed picking the pods right off the plant to chew.

According to studies published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, diabetes of all types was rare amongst Native Americans up until the mid-1900s. This is largely because their diets were full of foods that helped to keep their blood sugar levels low, and that they remained physically active, lowering their chances of obesity. 

As time passed, mesquite bean flour was then replaced in their diet by white flour and other unhealthy processed foods, and the presence of Type 2 diabetes in these communities skyrocketed. According to the same study, environmental factors, including diet, are the most likely cause of this increase. 

In fact, indigenous peoples, particularly those in the Southwest, now have the highest rate of diabetes in the U.S. 

Mesquite Bean Flour and Sugar

Mesquite bean flour is often praised by health-conscious enthusiasts as a low-sugar, gluten-free alternative to white flour, and it certainly does have lower sugar content in comparison. However, this doesn’t mean that it has no sugar whatsoever. 

Mesquite bean flour’s primary sugar component is glucose bonded to fructose. Glucose is deemed the “healthiest” type of sugar, but both glucose and fructose fall into the category of sugars that take up less effort to process.

While it’s true that mesquite bean flour has abundant health benefits, it won’t have a major positive impact on those with diabetes who don’t change their diet or physical activity in other ways. As with all tasty things, moderation is key.

The Health Benefits of Mesquite Bean Flour

Mesquite beans aren’t just lower in sugar, they also pack quite a nutritional punch! Mesquite beans flour and other mesquite bean-based foods are a great source of the following nutrients:

  • Protein — protein can be burned as energy, is used to build muscles, organs, antibodies, and hormones.
  • Soluble fiber — fiber can help protect you against colon disease and cancer.
  • Calcium — calcium improves bone strength.
  • Potassium — potassium helps your body regulate hydration and lowers blood pressure.
  • Omega 3 oils — omega 3 oils help prevent strokes and cancer as well as boosting your cardiovascular health.
  • Iron — iron is an essential component of your blood and helps prevent anemia, a red blood cell deficiency.
  • Magnesium — magnesium is needed for maintaining nerve and muscle function, a healthy immune system, cardiovascular health, and bone strength.
  • Zinc — zinc helps boost your immune system and plays a vital role both in the processing of carbs and wound healing.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce sugar in your diet without sacrificing a sweet tooth, mesquite bean flour, mesquite roasted coffee, and jellies are all great alternatives to their more processed counterparts. 

Once you try our mesquite bean flour and jellies, we bet you’ll love this tasty superfood as much as we do!

There’s a reason why mesquite beans have been eaten in Texas for as long as humans have been here: they’re delicious! Plus, these powerful little pods are gluten-free and diet-friendly for even the most health-conscious eater!

Find yourself some tasty treats when browsing our online shop, or give us a call today at (956) 867-1819.


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