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Article: The History of Mothers day


The History of Mothers day

At Cappadona Ranch, we are preparing for a very special day that is just around the corner. Mother’s Day has snuck up on us again.

In commemoration of this significant holiday, we would like to take the chance to reflect on how this once-a-year celebration came to be.

Before Mother’s Day

While we currently recognize Mother’s Day in America as a typically cheerful day in which we gather together to celebrate the impact each of our own Moms has had in our lives, early versions of this holiday targeted to mothers were not quite as upbeat.

Mother’s Friendship Day was put together in 1868 for mothers of fallen Civil War soldiers. It aimed to bring these women, whose children had fought on either the Union and Confederate sides of the war, together in a common bond.

Other women’s groups of the late 1800s also had different versions of holidays meant for mothers, but they were largely political in nature. These early versions addressed issues like infant mortality, empowering women as a political force, and promoting female unity, rather than celebrating motherhood.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day as we know was first held in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908. The holiday was organized by Anna Jarvis to honor her own mother, who had passed away in 1905 - only three years earlier.

There was a three-year gap between many of the early important steps in the development of Mother’s Day.

Three years after it was first celebrated in West Virginia, it was observed by all states in some capacity. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday.

There was, however, some initial resistance by Congress. They cynically joked that they would have to declare a “Mother-in-law’s Day” as well.

Despite early bumps-in-the-road, Mother’s Day soon gained momentum and was being treated as a special holiday in all corners of the nation.

The Mother of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis is something of a strange figurehead for the holiday. While deeply devoted to her own mother, and the vision of the day she founded, she never had any children of her own.

There are many opinions as to why she was so adamant about upholding the value of Mother’s Day, but some are, unfortunately, unflattering. It is generally thought that most of Jarvis’ identity was tied to the day, as evidenced by her writing the phrase, “Founder of Mother’s Day”, after her own signature.

An equally bizarre fact about Jarvis was that she spent the majority of her later life, and personal wealth, fighting against what she felt Mother’s Day was becoming.

The main source of her aggravation was what she felt was becoming the commercialization of the holiday. This included being frustrated by practices such as groups using the “Mother’s Day” name for financial gain, and simple actions like selling carnations, the original Mother’s Day flower, for fundraising purposes.

By the time she died in 1948, Jarvis had already gone beyond attacking and suing groups who she felt were abusing the day,  and had begun lobbying for Mother’s Day to be removed as a national holiday.

But for all the complexities that Jarvis represents as a person, Cappadona Ranch is glad that Mother’s Day has survived to this day.

We appreciate the sentiments she held, such as emphasizing “Mother’s” over “Mothers”, so that everyone focuses on their own mothers.

We have also come to love the way Mother’s Day has evolved to encompass all of motherhood and come to be attached to many older traditions around the world.

Cappadona Ranch has the perfect gifts for this Mother’s Day!

Make this year special by getting Mom some of Cappadona Ranch’s unique and absolutely delicious products.

We are offering a couple of different options specifically designed for the occasion including the Mother’s Day Double Jelly Gift Bag or the Mother’s Day Mesquite Gold Gift Bag.

For those looking for more choices beyond flowers, chocolates, and candies, Cappadona also has additional options like Roasted Mesquite Tea and healthfully delicious Mesquite Bean Flour. Give Mom a taste of something she won’t find anywhere else.

However you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day, don’t forget to remember your reasons for honoring your own mother and all the other mothers who contribute to your life. If you have any question, contact us at (956) 867-1819.

Cappadona Ranch wishes every Mom out there a very special and happy Mother’s Day!

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