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Article: Don’t Forget Your Superfood: Mesquite Bean Flour

Don’t Forget Your Superfood: Mesquite Bean Flour

Don’t Forget Your Superfood: Mesquite Bean Flour

The trends and terminology surrounding food are constantly changing. Not too long ago, few of us would worry whether or not our fruits were organic, our chickens were free-range, or if our food was non-GMO.

One of the most commonly used buzzwords currently is “superfood.” While buzzwords like superfood can definitely drive up awareness and interest in eating healthy, it can also make you - the consumer - feel like it’s just another gimmick.

Well, for the record, we here at Cappadona Ranch are absolutely ecstatic about our Mesquite Bean Flour, which is indeed a superfood. We are great believers in our products and we know that our Mesquite Bean Flour is simply too good for you to pass up.


What’s So Super Anyway?

While not necessarily a measure of nutritional value, the great variety in taste between the pods of different species of mesquite is more than worth mentioning. Having more than a single taste profile is a great quality for any food, and mesquite beans set a high standard.

On a taste range from bitter to sweet, each of the 45 different species has its own unique flavor for taste-testers to enjoy. Most people say that it has a taste like caramel.

When you get down to the hard facts, there are many reasons to be encouraged and excited to make Mesquite Bean Flour a part of your diet. One quality that explains itself is that Mesquite Bean Flour is absolutely 100% gluten-free, an important factor if you are looking for a tastier alternative to regular flour that also helps you slim down.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of eating gluten-free are improved health, weight loss, and increased energy, so you may notice your energy levels boost. Our flour offers nutritional benefits, including protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a wise choice in comparison to refined white flour which lacks those nutrients. 

There is also plenty of protein packed into this special food choice. With Mesquite Bean Flour being somewhere in the range of 11-17% protein, those looking for alternatives to beef, fish, and other protein sources can definitely be sure that incorporating this into their diet will help them in meeting their protein needs.

Mesquite Bean Flour also has a low glycemic index number. This, combined with having a high solute fiber content, means it won’t cause spikes in your blood sugar and makes for a very good alternative to other types of flours and sweeteners when baking and cooking - especially for diabetics.

Just for good measure, you can also find calcium, iron, zinc, and other important nutrients in this superfood. You can even avoid potential problems like wheat allergies by choosing Mesquite Bean Flour over other options.


What Can I Use it For?

While this is the natural follow-up question to any suggestion of adding a new food to any dietary guidelines, the real question to ask is: What can’t you use it for?

The greatest thing about all the benefits that come with Mesquite Bean Flour is that it is easy to use and extremely versatile. It can replace white flour or whole wheat flour in your plans entirely, or you can portion it out as you see fit in recipes you make as part of your diet. At Cappadona Ranch, we recommend ¼ to ½ of our Mesquite Bean Flour for every 1 cup of other flour in your recipe.

If you like pancakes with your breakfast, you can make some tasty ones using our Mesquite Bean Flour.

Tortillas with your eggs and bacon? Check.

Making bread from Mesquite Bean Flour offers a low-glycemic, high-protein alternative to regular bread. It also makes a great addition to many desserts because of the sweet flavor that it can add to make a dish more vibrant and complex.

One use that you can find a lot of ideas for are ways to add Mesquite Bean Flour to smoothies. It offers a nutritious boost to any of your favorite combinations and a great substitute for those of you with a serious sweet tooth.

The truth is that mesquite flour has just about everything you can ask for in a food ingredient. The health benefits can be found not only in the nutritional facts but also in the potential it has for your overall and future wellbeing.

Our Cappadona Ranch 100% natural, organic Mesquite Bean Flour is sure to satisfy everyone who gives it a try. From first-time tasters looking for a change in their eating habits to vegans looking for a tastier alternative to flour, you’ll love this one-of-a-kind superfood.

 Get the most out of your meals without sacrificing health and wellness.
 Reach out to Cappadonna Ranch today to order.

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