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Article: Mesquite Beans: The Miracle Food

mesquite bean

Mesquite Beans: The Miracle Food

Here at Cappadonna Ranch, it’s no secret that we love our mesquite beans. From our one-of-a-kind, delicious Cappadona Ranch Mesquite Bean Jelly, to our savory and sweet Mesquite Bean Roasted Coffee, we just can’t seem to get enough of mesquite beans.

Yes indeed. Mesquite beans are at the heart of our products.

But we aren’t head over heels with them just because of their unique and scrumptious flavor. Nope!

We also cherish mesquite beans because they’re good for you too. That’s right! Did you know mesquite pods pack an impressive nutritional punch? The little seeds truly are a miracle food—they’re rich in protein, calcium potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

It’s not hard to see why mesquite beans became a staple of Native American diet and a go-to meal for early western settlers.

Ready to find out more about mesquite beans and how healthy they can be for you? The powder derived from mesquite pods and beans that are dried and grounded are:

  • Low fat—Ground mesquite beans have little to no true fat, no cholesterol, and are low in calories.
  • A good source of fiber—Mesquite powder contains a lot of soluble fiber which can help to protect against colon disease and cancer.
  • Gluten-free—The perfect item for those who suffer from gluten allergies, mesquite beans and powder are gluten-free (and may have also helped to spur the recent gluten-free diet craze in recent years). But just because mesquite is gluten-free doesn’t mean it lacks taste. Mesquite pods are naturally sweet and nutty.
  • High in omega 3 oils - Mesquite beans and powder are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids that do wonders for your cardiovascular health, strokes, and cancer.
    • Great for your immune system—Mesquite powder contains a sizable amount of zinc, which can boost your immune system. There’s also noticeable amounts of lysine, a great protein not found in other plant sources.
    • And there’s more—Mesquite beans also contain calcium that improves bone strength, potassium for water regulation and lowering blood pressure, magnesium that helps with enzyme production, and copper and iron, which are important nutrients to prevent anemia.

    Just in case you were wondering, the mesquite pod and bean aren’t the only things incredible about the mesquite tree. There’s also the root, bark, and leaves:

  • Good for tummy aches—Mesquite leaves and roots can be made into a tea that helps with bacterial or functional infections, stomach aches, and even ulcers.
  • Get rid of athlete's foot—Mesquite roots and leaves can be made into topical balm material that helps with wound healing and athlete’s foot.  
  • Migraines—A poultice of mesquite leaves can help with headaches and migraines.
  • Bee stings—Mesquite tree leaves can be used like a cold compress to help with bee stings.

  • Try some of Cappadona Ranch’s homemade mesquite bean jellies and you’ll be sure to love mesquite as much as we do.

    If you want to get your hands (and tastebuds) on some of our delicious “Texas gold” treats then contact Cappadonna Ranch today at 956-867-1819 or at

    You’ll be glad you did.

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