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Article: A Quest for the Best: Cappadona Ranch Becomes an H-E-B Primo Picks Finalist


A Quest for the Best: Cappadona Ranch Becomes an H-E-B Primo Picks Finalist

It’s a term of endearment for those in know. It’s a call to family.

Primo. A simple term that holds so much weight.

Its literal translation is “cousin.” But in its colloquial form, it can come to include friends and acquaintances you have come to trust.

And not just anyone gets the pass to be called primo. It’s only reserved for a special few. The few who have proven themselves to be worthy of the title.

When it comes to the word primo, the good folks at H-E-B are definitely in the know. That’s why they have chosen to label the best, most unique foods and beverages Texas has to offer as their H-E-B Primo Picks. It’s the perfect word to describe the delectable dishes and thirst-quenching beverages that make their way into H-E-B’s Texas Best contest.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Texas Best contest if Cappadona Ranch wasn’t in the running. That’s right, your favorite Mesquite Bean Flour is getting called up to the big leagues. Cappadona Ranch has been blessed to be chosen as an H-E-B Primo Picks finalists and they are doing everything they can to ensure their products make it to every corner of this big, beautiful, Lone Star State.

H-E-B Primo Picks are “unique, tasty, and cool products [that] you may have never heard of or tried before.” Every year the company “searches the world for one-of-a-kind products” that will make even the pickiest of eaters eager for a taste.

And if Cappadona Ranch isn’t a one-of-a-kind product. Well, then…

From Linn, Texas to Primo Picks

It was the summer of 2012 when a heavy drought struck the Rio Grande Valley. The lack of rain would come to leave the land of Cappadona Ranch barren. That is, except, for mesquite bean trees.

Despite the dry soil, the mesquite trees on the Cappadona Ranch property would continue to thrive and grow their mesquite bean pods. The pods were plentiful, hanging ever so lightly off the limbs, as if they were just begging to be picked.

But these were mesquite beans. They couldn’t be eaten. Could they?

For some reason, the mesquite bean trees beckoned Victoria Barrera Cappadona forward. She was drawn to them by them by their ability to grow in such harsh conditions. Victoria would come to study and learn about the mesquite trees and the bean pods that would grow off their spiny limbs. Soon she would make her startling discovery - inside those little pods lurked a delicious, healthy, extraordinary food.

Curious by nature, Victoria, along with her husband and three sons, would come to gather the mesquite bean pods found across the ranch. Soon, she had transformed into a mad scientist, experimenting with recipes and discovering how to make the perfect mesquite bean jelly.

Through hard work and dedication, Victoria would come to find just the right recipe. It was an instant hit at home and with her family and friends. Soon enough, friends of friends and neighbors were asking for a taste of that unique mesquite bean jelly she had made.

The floodgates were open.

By the summer of 2013, Cappadona Ranch Mesquite Bean Jelly had become the flagship product of Cappadona Ranch.

The rest is sweet, sweet history.

A Few Words From the Mesquite Bean Extraordinaire

While it may seem that Cappadona Ranch has been an overnight success, the truth is that Victoria Barrera Cappadona and her team at Cappadona Ranch have been working diligently day after day, year after year, to deliver only the finest and best mesquite bean products on the market.

Her dedication and passion for her company and it’s scrumptious treats that include Mesquite Bean Jelly, flour, coffee, and more, is finally being recognized. But the moment hasn’t been lost to Victoria.

Taking the time from her busy schedule to answer some brief questions, the always friendly and smiling Victoria Cappadona had this to say:


Q: What does it mean to you both personally and as a business owner to be chosen as an H-E-B Primo Picks finalist?

It’s a huge sense of accomplishment. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could actually create something so healthy, natural, delicious, AND that comes from a native source here in Texas. It's been rewarding to see the results of my family’s hard work and dedication throughout this process.

From a business perspective, it is absolutely an honor to be chosen as one of Texas’ best. Knowing that H-E-B supports our farmers and ranchers, and believes in what we have to offer, gives me a great comfort in knowing that our product - just like theirs - will be "Made for the love of Texans."


Q: What's in the future for Cappadona Ranch?

Cappadona Ranch will always look to improve on our current products as well as continue to create new ones. There are so many natural resources native to Texas that were once used by native people and we really hope to reintroduce those other native plants and foods just like we did with mesquite beans. We’re going to keep working hard to give the gift of Texas! We truly believe that Cappadona Ranch Mesquite Bean products are Texas Gold!

Cappadona Ranch would like to say thank you to H-E-B for the opportunity to participate in its amazing competition and to be chosen as a finalist! Great things are happening in Texas!

If you want to get a taste of Cappadona Ranch’s amazing products, contact us today at 956.867.1819 or start shopping now!

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