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Texas Turkey Feathers (Sorry, but this item is currently sold out)

The Rio Grande wild turkey makes its home throughout the South-Central region of the United States, gobbling up a wide variety of grasses, seeds, fruits, insects, and small reptiles and amphibians. Named after the river they live near, these wild turkeys roam the Texas brush, showcasing their vibrantly-colored feathers that range from iridescent copper, bronze, red, green, and even gold. Of course, the intensity of their color depends on whether the turkey is a tom (a male turkey with bright colors) or a hen (a female turkey with dulled color).

Because of unregulated hunting throughout the 1800s, however, these beautiful creatures were reduced in number to about 100,000 left in the wild by 1920, but thanks to conservation efforts, better habitat management, and effective restocking programs operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, their numbers have grown over one million, making them the largest turkey population among the three subspecies. The feathers we sell are from Cappadona Ranch turkeys.

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